The project : Waama’s Bible

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The New Testament in the Waama language was published in 1995. Since the local churches wished to have the entire Bible in Waama, they reactivated the translation organization ATRABIWA to encourage Christians to support the project.

A team of local translators has been working since April 2011.


A team of local translators has been at work since April 2011. About 50% of the Old Testament has already been translated and verified. In March, the book of Exodus was completed.

Currently, the books of Isaiah and Ezekiel and Proverbs are being translated.

The translators themselves can continue to work despite the Corona crisis, but testing in the villages and revision meetings with the pastors are not possible at the moment.


We are targeting a total sponsorship amount for the project of 10’000 CHF.

Discover the highlights of the 2020 edition “Covid-19 Special”.

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« A people cannot develop without knowing the Bible. We are convinced of this: if we have the Bible in waama, it will be a tool for the development of the whole society. The Bible strengthens mental, physical and spiritual capacities. That is why everyone should know the precious contents of the Bible. »

Victor Tchormi, member of the ATRABIWA translation team.


“I was very angry and I did things that I was going to regret afterwards. But I was delivered from anger by listening to the word of God through the program “FAITH COMES LISTENING”. Since listening to Ephesians 4:26, when I get angry, I pray and my anger subsides”.

Dieudonné is a young waama.